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Authentic Thai Cookery Lessons

You want to learn authentic Thai cooking?

You have the passion for food?

Then you have come to the right place. Here at Nonny’s Kitchen I will teach you how to cook authentic Thai dishes, all homemade and cook from scratch.

Every dishes that you will learn from me has come from the heart of Thailand, The recipes has been taught from generation to generations, and now I would love to share them with you.

Lessons are hands on and practical so that by the end of the lesson you will be able to prepare and cook the dishes on your own.  Rather than a cooking demonstration, you will be doing most of the prep and most of the cooking so that way you can get a hands on experience and I believe that is the best way to learn.

At the end of cookery lessons, you will be provided with the recipes and details of where you can get all the ingredients, to ensure that you can produce these dishes agian easily at home after the lesson.

You will be taught how to cook the most popular Thai dishes authentically from “Starter, Soup, Curries, Salad, Stir-fry, Noodles and Dessert”. Thai dishes are suitable for all levels from beginners to experts.

You choose the dishes you want to learn, for suggestions please see our cookery lessons – dishes menu. If you would like any help or recommendation just let me know, or if there is a dish you would like to learn or eaten somewhere else that is not listed please feel free to ask.

Thai cooking is extremely flexible, the emphasis is understanding the ingredients and flavours, and using your keen senses to make adjustments while you cook. There is no need to have any previous cooking experience, just a love and appreciation to eat good food and a willingness to experiment.

What you need for the lesson?

  • Sharp knife
  • Chopping boards
  • Frying pans and saucepans in various sizes
  • Plates and bowl in various sizes for preparation and serving
  • Food blender
  • Ingredients for your chosen dishes
  • Yourself who having a hearty appetite and love trying new food

I provide private Thai cookery lessons whether in the comfort of your own Kitchen or my Kitchen here in Southampton.

you can choose from Individual or Group lesson.

  • For individual lessons you can choose to either have me come to your kitchen or you can come to my kitchen
  • For group lessons you will need to be able to provide adequate preparation and cooking space for at least two people at a time