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Gift Vouchers

We provided 2 types of gift vouchers.

Lime-32 The voucher cost does not include ingredients. The student is responsible for buying their own ingredients based on the shopping list provided by me after confirmation of the class, but if you prefer I will be happy to supply them which I will normally purchase on the day of your lesson, together with authentic Thai ingredients, sauces, and herbs to ensure that you will savour and enjoy the authentic Thai taste. I will provide any receipts, plus an additional service charge of £5 for the student(s) to pay for on the day of the lesson.

Please select the options from below

1 person/1 dish/without [wp_cart_button name=”1 person 1 dish without” price=”30.00″] 2 person/1 dish/without [wp_cart_button name=”2 person 1 dish without” price=”50.00″]
1 person/2 dishes/without [wp_cart_button name=”1 person 2 dishes without” price=”45.00″] 2 person/2 dishes/without [wp_cart_button name=”2 person 2 dishes without” price=”80.00″]
1 person/3 dishes/without [wp_cart_button name=”1 person 3 dishes without” price=”60.00″] 2 person/3 dishes/without [wp_cart_button name=”2 person 3 dishes without” price=”110.00″]


Lime-32 The voucher cost including ingredients. The student no need to do anything, as I will bring all the ingredients along to the lesson, and I will leave the details of where you can get the ingredients whenever you need it after the lesson.

Please select the options from below

1 person/1 dish/with [wp_cart_button name=”1 person 1 dish with” price=”50.00″] 2 person/1 dish/with [wp_cart_button name=”2 person 1 dish with” price=”70.00″]
1 person/2 dishes/with [wp_cart_button name=”1 person 2 dishes with” price=”85.00″] 2 person/2 dishes/with [wp_cart_button name=”2 person 2 dishes with” price=”120.00″]
1 person/3 dishes/with [wp_cart_button name=”1 person 3 dishes with” price=”120.00″] 2 person/3 dishes/with [wp_cart_button name=”2 person 3 dishes with” price=”170.00″]